Jean Hopman via facebook

Art Challenge: a photo that sums up your mood right now: Well this might take a little explanation. He’s a beauty, though, right? Anyway hubby and I were exploring on a very bleak and misty morning in Cornwall and could hardly see more than a few yards in front of us but we had gone to see the abandoned chapel on top of the steep hill. Hubster decided to brave the yawning and slippery steps fading into the mist – My arthritic knees and I decided to wait around the bottom of the hill, where there were some benches. Our two dogs ran backwards and forwards between us. There were wild ponies meandering around, when I suddenly heard this noise like a helicopter…….or is it thunder….? I turned to see one of my dogs at full pelt coming towards me pursued at top speed by this furious horse…….. dog yelping her head off. Coming straight for me…….. I had to dive into the gorse bushes for safety. So my day seems a bit like that, being chased down by negativity, pain, obligations, disappointments etc. etc. but trying to dive into the bush to dodge it – and trying to see the beauty in what there is around me.