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Day 30 (yup a day behind) – Your Turn… Set a challenge… Just seen this on ig and thought it was quite a good challenge!

My letter would go something like: “Being a momma does get easier, the tiredness gets less, you will cry less! Please try and enjoy every moment of maternity leave with her, you will be back at work before you know it. Enjoy the lazy days, don’t be too harsh on yourself if you can’t get out and about with Elsie, just enjoy being together at home! Make time for you and John, it’s very important ❤️ Sod the cleaning, your house will still be a mess in a year’s time oh and don’t bother buying Elsie shoes until she can walk… She really doesn’t need them and will spend most of the time trying to pull them off her feet look after yourself, try to eat better or you’ll be the heaviest you’ve ever been a year down the line And finally, if you think you love her now, and you couldnt love her any more, you’re wrong! your love for her will grow every day; every funny, quirky moment, every new thing she learns, you will smile more than you have ever done before. Enjoy motherhood, the ups and the downs, the whole adventure ❤️” #64MillionArtists
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