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Week 4, Rebranding Britishness
Share a photo or picture which says something about what Britishness means to you. How does national identity relate to your everyday life? What are your earliest memories of Britishness? What do you miss when you go abroad? Be thoughtful, creative, serious or humorous

I’m not proud of my earliest memories of being British, being a white girl from a military family and have therefore pushed against too much flag-waving and the like, but I do definitely feel British. This fits in with the idea of “Rebranding Britishness”.

Recently my mum commented that in their small town there was to be a new coffee shop and why were 17 coffee shops needed and I was momentarily quite puzzled by her question. Then I realised that’s because of her generation (89) and that for the middle-aged (me) and younger, Coffee and Cake are now a part of our British culture.

Coffee and Cake is how many of us socialise. I have probably four friends with whom I have coffee in a coffee shop regularly but rarely socialise any other way.

I think other nations do also have a coffee shop culture but I’m not sure it’s the same as ours. In any case, I offer here a small montage of a few of Stroud’s coffee shops, taken on a damp Saturday, which says something of what Britishness means to me.
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