Jan Sheppard via facebook

Take a Seat …sorry a bit late for yesterday s subject…but anyone who know me knows I am always late.I Shouldnt be as I am usually up around 05.00hrs
I know it’s a bench .but it’s a special bench .My Husband and I used to sit on this in our walks around Chatsworth we would rest our weary feet .pour a cup of coffee and take in the glorious views…..the beauty of nature , now I still go regularly .I take it all in …Listen to the birds ,watch the sunrise ( when it does ) marvel at the Deer ,and just savour every moment. .i love it when there is no one else around ..no crowds …early mornings ..the best time of the day …I reminisce …What if we had no time to sit and stare …..can’t remember the famous poem What is This life .. if full of care ? something about not having time to stand and stare …I now can’t remember what we were meant to be writing about …so I will carry on day dreaming ……..Enjoy your day ,whatever you are doing and through what ever the day throws at you