Jan Sheppard via facebook

Beautiful Belper …Derbyshire …..Such a friendly Town Strangers talk to Strangers …and that doesn’t happen in many Places .We have won A Nationwide award for Britain in Bloom , Visitors come in their hoards to visit The Annual Woolen Woods ,one of our local Woods is decorated by local folk With Knitted goodies …and delights. Both young and old, Our River Gardens are delightful built in the eighteen hundreds for the local Mill Workers to have somewhere lovely to go to on a Sunday, They are beautifully maintained by our local council and Volunteers .During the Summer we have Free Brass Band Concerts In The Bandstand on Sunday afternoons ……. we have lovely independent coffee shops and many Art and Craft events through the year , come and visit. , see for yourselves as I haven’t enough room to list all the wonderful. Things we have to offer. Let me know if you are coming it would be nice to meet you