Ruth Elizabeth ( Coventry Kid)

Invisable artist

A photograph of the artist behind all the pieces that have created and shared on 64 Million artist. My aim is to promote myself better get art commissions, actual be paid rather than have to do jobs that hate but pay hoping someone out there can help achieve my dream of becoming a known artist rather than invisable.

Have had years of trauma through cancer three times, loss of elder sister through brain tumor, ill health of hubby, job threat – loss, death of mum, broken left foot two small toes and big toe, removal of 18 inches of bowel and post traumatic stress syndrome because of all of the above. Want to move on with living as a artist making art that I love in any form at all just want and need that one person out there to believe in my talent and take that chance so that can get my art that is currently sitting in my house out into galleries be brought or sold rather than gathering dust under the bed in the cupboards or just as a performance piece. Give this Coventry kid a well earned and deserved break no time wasters please only real and genuine offers where I do not have to pay you exhortant amounts of cash to place my art in your gallery, on your wall or in your environment. Thank you for a opportunity would welcome this with open arms,