I tried to write a poem, but it would not come, but I will not forget to try again when the idea has had time to mature.
I drew this pic of me on a walk because my husband who has dementia and I love to walk, there is so much to see and to talk about, I have drawn some of them.
We spend as much time stopped, looking at things and photographing them as we do walking, and there are always other walkers to say hello to and maybe chat a while.
My husband loves getting to know all the dogs we meet and makes great efforts to learn their names, when he forgets he just calls them ‘Rover’. I tried to draw a camera around my neck
but rubbed it out, it looked like a name badge. Anyway my husband takes most of the photos, then we look at them together on the computer. He labels each picture so it helps him to recognise the walk and the event.