The Generation Games, Day 11 - Shake Hands

Hey! Hello, Hi, Good to see you again. Today we are experimenting with ways in which we can greet each other. Those are a few ideas but this challenge involves taking your ‘Hi’s and ‘Hello’s to the next level. Get moving, get creative and…

Make up a five-part handshake together. Will you include a fist bump? A high five? A silly dance move? Pick your moves and then practice! If you’re not working with anyone in particular, could you ask someone to join in with you? Or maybe you could write/draw your hand shake routine and save for another time.

If you have a bit more time…
Make up a longer handshake. Could you reach 10 moves? See if you can practice and remember it. Need some inspiration? Find some moves here:

What did you think about your final handshake? Did you manage to remember it? Was it fun to greet each other this way?

Share a video of your handshake or an action shot picture. If you’d prefer you could share a few words or thoughts about the challenge. You can do this on here and/or on your social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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