Helen Walsh via facebook

Day 25: Potion

Over the last year or so I’ve been experimenting with different ways of natural dyeing. I particularly like solar dyeing (check out India Flint’s book ‘Eco colour’ for more info) as it is rather magical.

Step 1: Gather natural materials and arrange on the cloth to be dyed (must be a natural fibre.)

Step 2: Cover with another piece of cloth and place a piece of rusty metal on top.

Step 3: Wrap the cloth up into a bundle and tie with string (optional.)

Step 4: Place a couple of used tea bags into the bottom of a jar (optional.) Place the bundle in the jar and fill with water, hot or cold. Seal the jar.

Step 5: Leave the jar in a sunny spot for at least one month, longer if you can bear the suspense.

Step 6: When you can no longer contain your curiousity open the jar, unwrap your bundle and admire your beautiful, uniquely patterned cloth.