Helen Plowman via facebook

Week 1 acrostic me 3rd attempt
Overthought and overworked, but I have enjoyed doing it.

HELEN , not of Troy but Lancashire.
EYE for beauty, others will launch the thousand ships.
LIGHT that shines.
EFFERVESCENT , a compliment so cheers with a glass of fizz; humble apologies for when I will inevitably boil.
NELLIE or Nell – never, but fondly a Hells Bells.

PARIS, a city visited but not my lover.
LIVING now in Derby, city of the famous ram. Fal-de-ral ; Daddle-i-day.
OCCUPATION in action, therapeutic activity.
WED but not to
MENELAUS, mine’s a Yorkshire chap.
AMBION Hill, laid to rest those warring roses.
NOW feet up following this acrostic feat!