Helen Plowman via facebook

Day 23 blackout poetry
Inspiration? See collage and text at bottom.

Egypt’s Old Kingdom :
The pyramid.
More. Sight.
It’s colossal tomb.
At any largest size.
The which.
The Pyramid A.
The regional.

Australian Wildflowers :
Silence grinds to a halt.
Tornado of yellow, Philippa.
Making pilgrimage.
Flowers are strewn from the florists.
Startling pink.
A pinnacle is winter.
One extravagant shows,
Of western wildflowers will bloom.

New Orleans :
Tuesday gras
In New Orleans
Revelry from the 1740’s
The divine Eva Baxter
Fills up on bourbon
Sea the last drop
When move to empty.

Loved this but not as easy as first expected! I tried a few different magazines and styles of writing. Every 10 words resulted in nonsense but thanks to an old National Geographic ( maybe I am a hoarder) I came up with 3 poems. Haven’t done the ‘blackout’ this mag is 23 years old and almost pristine!