Hazel Stanway via facebook

Day 18 Art task: Invent a game or adapt an existing game. Game one is ‘Thought for the day’ Boggle (use all sides of the dices, take as long as you like; or share the Boggle dices between two players and both try). Game 2 is one I invented 3 months ago. ‘Times Tables Bingo’. Tear a piece of paper into 100 small squares and ask the person learning the times tables to write the numbers 1-100 (one number on each square). Put them in a small box and shake them up. Prepare bingo cards using numbers in the times tables players are learning. Take turns to pick a piece of paper and if number on paper is on your bingo card cover it with paper number in your hand. First player to cover all their numbers wins. For a faster version of this game, use only numbers which are on the bingo cards (i.e. 12 pieces of paper instead of 100).