The Generation Games, Day 8 - Food Faces

Have you ever seen a face in your food? A banana smile in your banana split dessert or fried egg eyes in your morning fry up? Today we are asking you to recreate those moments and get creative with your food…

Make faces out of food. Play with what you have on your plate or go rummaging in your cupboards to inspire the food artist in you. What shapes and colours can you use? If you’re together you could work as a team or have a competition to see who can make the most faces! If you’re apart take pictures and share with each other – did you use any of the same food?

If you have a bit more time…
Create a family of faces. Could you include yourself and your Generation Games buddy?

How do you feel after the challenge? Did you have fun looking at food differently? Will you play again?

Share your food faces with us! You can share on here and/or on your social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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