The Generation Games, Day 17 - BBC Radio York - Story Telling

Go to extraordinary (or ordinary) places, meet fantastical (or everyday) people and travel on magical journeys with today’s challenge set by BBC Radio York. Grab the popcorn and your imagination (or bring yourself for a 64 Million Artists Story Telling session at York Explore Library from 11 am – 12:30 pm) for…

Share a story with each other line by line. Don’t worry about a plot or a theme – just see what happens when you start talking. What stories can you tell? If you’d prefer you could write your stories. You could even try the consequences game where you write, fold and pass on… let your imagination go wild. If you aren’t working with anyone in particular write your own story (imaginary or real) or write one with us! Get in touch and we can tell a story together.

If you have a bit more time…
Choose different themes to start with and see where they take you. Could you tell a romance, a comedy or a thriller? Experiment with your plots, characters and settings.

How was telling your stories? Where did they take you? How did you use your imagination?

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