Georgina Scott via facebook

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The Boat that wouldn’t float.

“Mummy I want to go swimming” said the little boat beached in the bay. “I’m fed up of watching my friends, all splash in the sea and play. I want to go on adventures, Bob up and down on the waves, sail to the distant horizon, and peek in the secret caves!”
“You can’t!” Said the mum “you’re not going, we’re better of here on the sand. Mummys not build for adventures, we’re safest here on the land! …i once…tried to go on adventures, set out to sail far away… But the waves kept on teasing and pushing, and telling me I was to stay”
“But come on mum let’s go swimming” said the little boat nearing the shore.
“I CAN’T!” Said the mum “We’re not going!” She turned over and said nothing more.

And the little boat torn between love, and something her heart truly craves. Sat thinking about what she wanted, sat still as her conscience it raves!