Frederique Hill via facebook

#28 Challenge. Visit my town.
Im afraid my heart ISN’T where I live currently. But it IS where I’ve moved from and hope to move back to eventually. This town that has captured my heart is called Dunoon. And is situated in Argyll & Bute in Scotland. Its the gateway to the Trossachs and sits near the base of a peninsula. It’s reachable by road through some of the most WONDERFUL scenery the United Kingdom has to offer. It is also accessed by ferry. There is the Western Ferry that runs every 15 mins in rush hour. Or the small passenger Argyll Ferry. Runs half hourly and connects to the main train line into Glasgow. It has EVERYTHING a family could need. From a large holiday village with chalets and caravans to rent. Down to a couple of swimming pools and a picture house. Dunoon has a large crafting community that welcomes anyone and everyone. A positive haven for everyone.