Erica Barnes via facebook

Alice the avocado sat snuggly in her cardboard tray hoping that today was the day that she would be chosen to adorn the human’s office lunch.

She had been there a while – each day hoping that she would pass the all-important squeeze test that confirmed that she was at the height of her ripeness. Not too hard and unripe to be unpalatable and not too soft to be black and squidgy and past it.

Today was her day! She woke up on the desk, the sun was shining and she felt wonderful. Only a few hours to go now – she couldn’t contain her excitement!

As the bright sun bathed her dark wrinkly skin in a warm glow she allowed herself to day dream – what would she be – mashed avocado on toast? Part of a chicken Caesar salad, chopped up with walnuts, celery and apple? Stuffed with prawns and seafood sauce? or, simply eaten with a spoon out of her shell with a light vinaigrette dressing?

The minutes ticked by and finally 12 o clock came and the hand reached over, she felt the tight squeeze round her waist YES! They picked her up – what ecstasy! she was finally going to be eaten! Her deep green skin tingled with anticipation. She was carried off into the kitchen to meet her longed for destiny!