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This poem has taken a very long time to write. It is a Sestina form poem on the theme of journey for the competition by @poetrybattles and @eunoiaprompts #pb23sestina on the theme of journey as prompted by 64 Million Artists

It is a poem in conversation form. I suggest you take yourself to the dockyard in Portsmouth in 1898. The mandala is inspired by compasses and ships wheels.

“I’m not even gonna bother next time
If it’s gonna be wasted”
“It’s gonna be a disappointment
Are you sure you wanna go there?”
“I might try something else
Unless you’re gonna join me”

“Why do you so need me?
Precious is my time”
“I have nowt else
Can you not be there?”
“Debate is wasted
Let us no more rest in disappointment”

“So we leave these shores with their disappointment
Wrapping around every part of me”
“Ships await out there
Let us make haste, double time”
“The sailors appear wasted
Should we go somewhere else?”

“Alternatives delay, or else
Lead to destinations filled with disappointment”
“Enough time has been wasted
Trust yourself, thee and me”
“Now is our time
Together dreams we will find there”

“And so we depart. There
Ahead, over new horizons emerge something else”
“We will celebrate this time
When we turned away from disappointment”
“Our journey, a mystery to me
No second will be wasted”

“But wait, my heart is wasted
It misses a beat here and there”
“That is merely your love for me
It can be nothing else”
“You are wrong, I am your disappointment
This is the end of my time”

Wasted weeks without nawt else
There we found disappointment
Me, alone, counting time


#napowrimo2021 #napowrimo