#DoThinkShareDAW Daily Challenge, Tuesday 23rd May

Our clothes say a lot about us. Whether it’s a signature item or something someone bought for us or the general style of clothes we wear. Or if we don’t even like clothes and we just wear them for comfort. We have a challenge in A Book of Me that is all about identifying your favourite things so that if someone needs to offer you support getting dressed at any time, they will know.

Pick your favourite item of clothing. Put it on, see how it feels. Think about why you like it, what it says about you, or what its story is? Or is it just that it feels lovely?! Take a picture and tell us about why you love it. And while you’re at it – try doing a twirl! Pose in a mirror, enjoy being silly and dressing up.

What did this challenge feel like? Did it feel silly? What did you feel about someone else picking out your clothes some day? How might you record what you like?

Share your pictures, or just your thoughts on here or on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #DoThinkShareDAW

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