#DoThinkShareDAW Daily Challenge, Monday 22nd May – Dessert Island

Today is all about being silly. Sometimes as adults we forget to just let go and have a play. So we recommend, if you can, collaborating with children on this challenge. Maybe you have a grandchild or friend that might help you, either in person or someone you could email, call or text? If not, don’t worry – just come up with the craziest ideas you can.

Create a desert island made from food. Spaghetti mountains, chocolate rivers, marshmallow clouds, vegetable houses, whatever you like. Take a piece of paper and use whatever you have, actual food, pens and paints, ripped up pictures from newspapers, magazines or junk mail – whatever you have available to create your own desert island made of food (maybe even a dessert island – get it?!

Does your island have a name? If someone wanted to visit, how would they get there? What was it like to be silly and playful?

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