#DoThinkShareDAW Daily Challenge, Friday 26th May – Thank You

Whether you are living with dementia, or live or work with someone who does, or you’ve just picked up these challenges for fun, we all have people that play a really important part in our lives and everyday wellbeing.
Today we’re going to think about saying thank you.

Make a thank you card for someone special. Someone who means a lot to you, or who has contributed to your life. This might even be someone no longer with us. You don’t have to send the card. But you could! In this video, https://youtu.be/x_xmVdV6GNk, Juanita is making a card and you could follow her instructions – or you could just have a go at doing it yourself in your own style, whatever is easiest for you. Think about what the person would like and draw or design a card especially for them. And then write them a message thanking them for what they do for you.

How did it feel to make and write the card? If you sent it, how was it received? Did it feel easy to share thanks?

You don’t have to share the personal message, but maybe share the front of the card, or just how you enjoyed the process on our website dothinkshare.com or on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #DoThinkShareDAW

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