#DoThinkShareDAW Daily Challenge, Friday 19th May – Invisible Scarfie

Today is another great challenge from the brilliant DementiaBoy, Andy Tysoe. Andy is a huge advocate for Dementia Friends and would regularly take his scarf out to promote the cause. When he lost it, however, it taught him a valuable lesson about loss, and adjustment.

Make a banner like a scarf that displays a message you feel passionate about and want to share with the the world. Take a photo of you holding it. And then take a photo of you without the banner/scarf, just imagine holding it. How did that feel? Could you try it in public? Or with a group of people?

About the difference between the two exercises. What was the difference between displaying something you’re proud of and then just imagining holding it? Could you still be an advocate without the visible message? What do you think?

Share your ‘Scarfies’ or ‘Invisible Scarfies’ and how it felt. We’d love to hear your reflections on here or on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #DoThinkShareDAW and #DementiaDO.

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Don’t forget to hashtag #ABookofMe & #DAW2017.