Sarah Parkin, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear

Day 5 - The Sensory Stroll - it was only meant to be 10 minutes.....

I was all prepared to stay in today, I was feeling lazy and usually I am a bit of a sloth. But no… I have committed to the 31 day challenge, so… I thought of a purpose…. to leave some brightly painted rocks nearby to make people smile. (I had some I prepared earlier)

I had a distance…. there and back again. It was only 10 mins afterall and even I can do 10 minutes. Got myself wrapped up warm, popped on my purple pompon hat, put a few rocks in my bag and out I went… Brrr…. It was a tad chilly. But that’s ok I had a plan!

Taking in the quietness around, not many people about at all, perhaps I live in an area where we are all sloths…. I walked but then couldn’t decide if my 10 minutes walk was meant to start from when I left home or when I reached my destination, and because I forgot to look at the time when I left, how did I know when I had done my 10 minutes so should I start my 10 minutes from then? But then hang on a minute… Was it to be a total of 10 minutes therefore 5 minutes each way – or 10 minutes there and 10 minutes back – thus making 20 minutes?

When I did get back home, after climbing the 48 stairs to reach my front door I then realised…. I still had the rocks in my handbag… Oh well… on day 5 I took my rocks out for a walk, we went there and back. Can anyone else cover 4.5miles and 9914 steps in 10 minutes? – ´┐╝feeling satisfied. #TheJanuaryChallenge #64MillionArtists