The Generation Games, Day 3 - A Balancing Act

Day 3’s challenge requires patience, dedication and imagination… and our most loved kitchen utensil. If you’ve ever taken part in an egg and spoon race you may be off to a head start. Today’s challenge is a fun one to try together, or if you’re far away from each other maybe you can get a little competitive and see who can get furthest with this silly challenge….

Balance as many things as you can on a spoon. It can be any spoon – wooden, table or tea. Get creative with your objects – how high can you balance?

If you have a bit more time…
Make it even harder and embody Einstein’s famous quote: “To keep your balance, you must keep moving…” How far can you walk or run with your spoon?

How many items did you get on your spoon? Did you find it challenging? Were you patient?

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