Claire Louise Armstrong via facebook

Hello again, missed this week’s challenge I’m afraid. I’m floored by the concept of Britishness at the moment! I thought I knew what we were about but I’m not sure I haven’t just been in the minority all along.

But I suppose this is a fairly British concept – next weekend there’s a “spring show” where everyone bakes cakes, plants bulbs, paints pictures, makes jam, etc – and if you win your category you get a chocolate rabbit or something. And I’m entering, not to win the rabbit, just to get into the spirit of it! And because the children are entering and I don’t want to let the side down!

The category is “A drawing or painting of new life”. So here it is – along with the photo I worked from. I’m not sure whether to work in more contrast or leave it with the sketchy look – laziness says probably the latter will happen!!