Claire Louise Armstrong via facebook

Day 15 – make a picture without art materials.
#64MillionArtists #JanuaryChallenge

I went for a walk on my lunch break and collected some mud from the old ironworks nature reserve in Millom, Cumbria. The soil is really red there because of the iron. Unfortunately my sample of soil was just, well, brown, but it had looked red at the time I promise!!
The painting is of the old slag heaps there, with grass in front and clouds behind. A painting of the land…with the land!
I found it quite nice painting with mud – The clumps weren’t as easy to move around as paint and a stick gives very different effects from a brush, but I quite liked that. I could even spread it thinly by using the side of the stick, which would never have occurred to me with the “proper tools”.
Thank you again challengers – really enjoyed this one!!