cherylroberts4 via instagram

Went in to work today only to find I had been evicted from my office. With a heavy heart and an unsettling feeling of rejection I sculked through towards the landscape services department. Upon turning the corner a Hot Desk greeted me warmth and love and I felt a renewed sense of wellbeing. As I settled in to my new surroundings a sharp streak of lime caught my eye. I turned my head to focus on ‘to my delight’ an abandoned pack of chocolate limes. I was slightly dismayed to see the sweets nestled behind a desk tag reading Shonag Campbell. Who was she? Was she a sharer? How could I get one?
Like a guardian angel the administrator behind me, upon observing my point of interest, announced that Shonag was off and had been trying to rid herself of the sweets for weeks.
My heart leapt and I wasted no time in bounding across the office to retrieve the deserted delights. Two unwanted souls united through fate……… The End

#thejanuarychallenge #64millionartists