Cathy McKeown via facebook

Day 21 #TheJanuaryChallenge #64MillionArtists

Take a Seat ….

I’m not one for sitting quietly and doing nothing …. so I took my usual spot on the sofa and went through my finances which I had neglected since mid-December. To my left was the window … it had been snowing for most of the morning since I had got back from swimming, a wet snow, with slushy roads. I noticed what I thought were leaves float past the window but it was a couple of Goldfinches who had flown down to the driveway to pick up twigs which had been blown there earlier in the week. To my right, in the kitchen, the radio was playing at first it was Steve Wright’s Sunday Love Songs then Michael Ball …. just something to have on in the background … without this it would have been deathly quiet.