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Day 16 – Story Time

Walking Local

The sign was stencilled in fading letters “Caution – monsters patrol these streets at night”. The woman was naturally cautious, naturally curious, the gap in the fence beckoned, she stepped through. In a penned enclosure stood a huge, horned willow beast with thighs the size of tree trunks, out stretched arms ending in spidery fingers, gazing into the far distance. She thought him beautiful and strange.

“Why are you here?” she asked

“Haven’t you a better question” he replied, his voice a low rustle of wind through leaves.

“I do not understand the world as it currently is or as it ever was. I feel powerless to effect change” she said “Can you tell me why this is”

“It is because you too easily give your power away, you search for approval, you roll over, turn the other way when hard things are demanded of you”

“Harsh but true” she nodded “but I am not the one penned and gated”

“Release me!” he rattled his chains and clashed his antlers, he was impressive.

The woman remembered Pandora and replied “No…I don’t think I will.”

“But they are planning to torch me, don’t leave me here” more rattling and wailing, more rustling and raging, but the woman had slipped back to her side of the fence and walked swiftly away.

On the darkest, coldest night of winter, flames and fireworks could be seen and heard in the enclosure. Many people gathered, excited, transfixed. The woman missed all this, she stayed indoors, waiting for lighter days.

On the first finger of spring she strode out with her hound, she walked many miles until the ground changed from smooth grass to rough tussocks. Something caught her eye, she saw the shape of a strangely familiar head amidst a tangle of iron.

The beast, or what was left of him, lay on his back, half a face gazing at the blue of the sky. Nearby trees whispered, birds chattered but the beast was empty and made no sound. The woman reached over and touched his metal skeleton, sad to see the once magnificent beast brought low.