Ben Brighouse via facebook

Day 16 of #TheJanuaryChallenge – Story Time
(Firstly not my picture)..
Well I’ve been out all day telling stories, and tonight was my weekly roleplay night, that’s all roleplay is really group storytelling.. I don’t have a tale to tell you, but this guy, a Kyasidite, did have one for the group.. he told them about the not-so-mythological origins of his people.. they were created as a peace treaty between three gods that had been warring against one another for millennia, having almost destroyed their corner of the universe.. Vradna, God of Shadows.. Hashnak, Goddess of Death.. and D’Choriak, God of Madness.. things went well until the Gods decided to walk amongst the Kiasydites again, and their war returned, and the Kiasydites were all wiped out, but one of them.. our storyteller..