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The perfect world would be full of peace, love, harmony, nature, friendship and beautiful music ! #MusicIsTheKey : @sarahconnor featuring @naturally7 – ‘Music is the Key’ =
Whenever you’re falling down
Hopeless and pushed around
Find your own melody
Trust me
That music is the key

It makes you feel proud and strong
Helps you to carry on
If you are down on your knees
You should sing it with me
Music is the key
(Sets you free, yes)

We’ve always been telling
It’s part of our nature
To speak with a friend

Day 20 ‘Out of this World’ of #TheJanuaryChallenge #64MillionArtists

Since the 20th January 2018, our planet has completed an entire obit of the Sun. It’s time to celebrate the celestial, and make a bit more space for ourselves and our imaginations.
Invent a planet! What does your perfect world look like? Who (or what…) lives there? Draw or build your planet – think about colours, materials, style and texture. What is life like on your planet, what is it called and how can you share your creation creatively with the world?