The Generation Games, Day 23 - Science Ceilidh - Celebrate Science

As the title of this challenge suggests, we have something a little different for you today. We have a science challenge set by Lewis Hou, the Director of Science Ceilidh (A Ceilidh is a community gathering, Scottish Folk Dancing done for all occasions).

The project is an award-winning educational project bringing people together through science and music. They invite all people to come along and do a turn at their ceilidhs, and celebrate science through dance, poetry, storytelling, music and more. With this in mind they’d like you to…

Learn a science fact and do a dance, write a poem/song or tell a story about it. It could be any science fact – about humans, animals, plants, earth, space… the universe is your oyster. Follow this link to find some great facts or find your own: How might you respond to your fact? A dance about lightening? A poem about gorillas? A story about cells?

If you have a bit more time…
Get together with others and share your creative pieces together – can you guess what their fact was?

Did you learn something new? Was it interesting to think of ways to present new information? Did it make learning fun?

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