Alice Bradshaw via facebook

Day 31: Celebrate

I’m celebrating a few things:
1. Longer days / more daylight.
2. Getting my teeth into a studio project (casting excess fruit plastic packaging – pictured).
3. Being invited to work on a local festival again based on studio work.
4. Being proactive about realising a major project in memory of my friend who took his life in October.
5. Being invited to collaborate on a rubbish project with another artist.
6. Setting up 2 blogs for ongoing projects/collaborations.
7. Rehabbing my knee and hip and getting back to sub30 5k and sub60 10k runs.
8. Losing half of my Christmas lbs.

I started January with a year of application rejections behind me, no major projects to work on and feeling like my studio work kept falling short, not managing more than 3k running plus a stone gain of Christmas indulgence. So January’s been a bit of a hard slog but worth the effort

I’m celebrating with Lidl’s gin