A Perfect Day
This is an imaginary day made up of pleasant incidents from many days that were patchier overall!
I woke up early and immediately felt grateful because I felt relaxed and rested, having had an undisturbed night. I love our comfy bed, with its soft pillows and cuddly quilt, so I snuggled down, comfy and cosy, glad that we had no engagements today and I could lie in. Cautiously I felt the other side of the bed, it was empty and cold. My hubby who has FTD (Fronto-trmporal Dementia) must have crept out in the night to sleep in the other room. He must have felt itchy or twitchy, or needed to pace around for a bit, or just got fed up of my snoring. How does he manage to creep out so quietly?
The cat meows sadly at the bottom of the stairs, she is lonely and asking permission to come up, (or is she lazy and avoiding a wasted journey upstairs?) I call her name softly and clap in her ‘come here’ rhythm and immediately I hear her bell tinkling as she comes up stairs. She walks all over me, purring and eventually settles beyond my feet. (I am so glad I am short)
My husband comes in and asks if I want a cuppa. He makes and delivers it and we have a cuddle until it is cool enough to drink. We sit in bed for ages, drinking and nattering. We seem better able to communicate like this than at any other time! He can always make me laugh.
Eventually we get up and I help him to shower, then it is my turn and I practise my mindfulness exercises, delighting in the feel of the hot water on my skin, the smell of the shampoo and the lovely creamy feel of the conditioner.
It is such a lovely fresh morning that we decide to eat our breakfast in the garden, a rare treat. But we have overestimated the warmth of the sun and I dash in to find fleeces for us both. We take our time over breakfast, enjoying the sight of the birds on the bird feeders and a blackbird splashing water everywhere in the bird bath, until the cat joins us, rubbing herself against our legs then having scared off all the birds, finding the warmest patch of sun out of the breeze.
We decide to have a walk in Ratby Burrows where the bluebells should be out. It is still warm, but there is a breeze and there are some beautiful fluffy white clouds; What to take?? As usual I am over cautious and pack light cags, thin fleeces, sun hats and sun-shirts into a bulging rucksack while Paul gets the camera and GPS so we will know how far we have walked.
It is so beautiful in the woods, the new leaves on the trees are that lovely clear clean green that you do not see later in the year, in the gentle breeze they make a delightful whispering noise. As hoped, the bluebells are fully out, carpets of them. In places they are mixed with shiny bright yellow celandines and delicate wood anenomies, such beautiful compositions, you could not arrange it better. There are other flowers and grasses whose names I can not remember. Last year I let this lapse spoil things for me, but since my mindfulness class I have learnt to let go a little and just enjoy the flowers for their beauty and charm, how can forgetting the name detract from this, they are just as beautiful!
We are surprised at how few people there are, but it is not quiet, the birds are singing loudly. When we reach the top of the large grassy hill in the middle of the wood we sit on the bench and watch a buzzard showing off with aerial acrobatics. Eventually we start on our way back, now everyone seems to be out enjoying the woods, so we pause here for a chat and there to pat a friendly dog.
We decide to make the most of the nice weather and stop at a cafe with a sunny terrace and eat our lunch outside. I refrain from nagging Paul about how unhealthy all the items in his meal are, he might as well be allowed to enjoy them! I will just have to fill him up with vegetables and fruit for his next meal. One advantage of eating outside is that we can hear each other talk.
It is mid afternoon by the time we get home, and we are quite tired, so we make a large pot of tea and relax in the comfy chairs to watch a recorded episode of The Big Bang Theory, our favourite comedy.
What a great day it has been, and we still have the pleasure of looking at all the photos we took to look forward to.
Kathy Gill