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Day 29 #64millionartists #thejanuarychallenge today we “Rewind” by redoing a favourite challenge. Picked day 8 “Word on the Street” (coincidentally it was also a tuesday), let’s make our day, by making someone else’s day. Compliment a stranger. Slow down & tell someone something to make them smile…. Walking across carpark to store everyone preoccupied rushing,eyes down phone in hand clutching bags & wheeling laden trolleys. Ahh success, glum looking man noticed my smile & muttered good morning, hopefully he’ll recall the smile later in the day and maybe even smile himself. Inside Waitrose baby clutching shopping list, mum remarked she’s normally very chatty but she’s tired. Built up rapport with smiley lady wearing glasses bumping into & getting in each others way several times. Lady in spotty coat & scarf confided she also likes stripes & colour, everyone seems to wear dull dark colours. Thank yous & your welcome in abundance. The partner with sparkling butterfly adorning her hair laughed & said ‘yes I like my bit of bling’. The man using crutches…the list goes on & on. I made my way back to the car with my shopping & a lighter step. The words of wisdom came from next month’s Parish Church magazine.