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Day 16 of #TheJanuaryChallenge – Story Time

Do: Today we want you to make up a story about a person or an object that you encounter. It could be someone you saw on the way to work, or that cereal box that always stares at you during breakfast. Whatever it is, we want a story!
Think: Do you find it easier to create a story when the subject exists or do you prefer freestyling and starting from scratch? Did you find yourself being very imaginative or steering towards facts and keeping your story real?
Share: Share your stories – You can post it, just make sure you tag us or use the hashtags #TheJanuaryChallenge and #64MillionArtists so we can see your response! Or you can send It to us privately on messages.
If you have more time: Have someone guess who/what the story is about… maybe you’re writing about the postman or the plants in your garden. OR create illustrations to go with your story – drawings, photographs, something to bring your story to life!