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Day 15 of #TheJanuaryChallenge – Draw on everything

Do: For today’s challenge we want you to draw (anything you like) – but you can’t use ANY art materials (pens, pencils, paints, colouring pencils, pastels etc). Get creative with anything else around you that you can use to draw. Lipstick? Mud? Food? Anything you can find..
Think: Do you prefer using art materials or non art materials to draw with? What are some benefits of using non art materials? Did the challenge make you think differently about drawing?
Share: Share your drawings with us – You can post it, just make sure you tag us or use the hashtags #TheJanuaryChallenge and #64MillionArtists so we can see your response! Or you can send It to us privately on messages.
If you have more time: Make the same drawing but this time using any art materials you have – and see how different/similar your drawings turn out.