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This week’s challenge from @bethlem_museum is a #fun and #artistic way of being playfully introspective, whilst engaging in the history of #wellbeing. Herman Rorschach dreamt up the Ink Blot test in 1921, as a way to interpret #emotions. Grab some coffee, tea and paper and let’s get creating! .
You will need: paper, coffee granules, a tea bag, some hot water. (Or berries, mud…ink? Get #creative!)
1. Fold a piece of paper in half.
2. On one half, sprinkle some coffee granules, being sure to put some close to the fold and some nearer the edge.
3. Make a cup of tea.
4. Use the wet tea bag to dab over the coffee granules. Don’t get the paper too damp, you don’t need to squeeze it out – just dab it over the paper.
5. Fold the blank side of the paper over the damp, coffee littered side, and press down evenly.
6. Open up the paper and let your Inkblot test dry.
7. Drink your tea and ponder what images you can see when you look at your Inkblot test!

Find the full challenge here: http://ow.ly/d8jS30mU31E
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