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This year we have enjoyed many challenged inspired by The Angel of the North, in honour of the statues 20th birthday. For the last #Angel20 challenge, and in true 20th birthday style – this week we challenge you to……. celebrate! Find your moments of celebration through-out the week – the big, the small and the in between. Celebrate your successes and those of the people around you; celebrate the end of a long day, and celebrate the beginning of another one. Celebrate them in the best way you can – can you mark the moment in a creative way? Maybe with a song, a dance, through writing, by trying a new recipe or simply taking the time to talk and acknowledge the moment. Tell people, celebration is contagious….! .
Find the full challenge on our dothinkshare.com site, or by following this link: https://dothinkshare.com/…/weekly-challenge-3rd-december-ce…/ #Angel20 #64MillionArtists