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Weekly Challenge, 24th September – The Shape of Autumn
As the seasons change and we see a little less sunlight, the falling leaves turn yellow and birds migrate to warmer places, we welcome autumn and all it brings.
Sam, founder of graphic design studio Festoon, helps people visualise their thoughts and ideas. He shapes how people absorb and engage with written and visual information. Setting this week’s challenge he wants to encourage you to give this a try with the changing landscape. How can you visualise the feelings of autumn? What stands out for you at this time and how do you want to visually emphasise that to others? How could you possibly reframe or offer a new perspective on autumn?
Create the shape of autumn. Cut out a shape (or shapes) in a piece of paper that you feel represents autumn, whether it be leaves falling, an autumnal sunset or work getting busier again after summer. Try to keep it bold so it’s easy to recognise. Once you’ve got your cut out, find a landscape or object that you feel best represents an aspect of autumn. Hold up your stencil and use it to frame a photo.
Find the full challenge on our dothinkshare site (link in bio). .
Share your stencil photos with us. We’d love to see your take on autumn.
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