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Day 27 of #TheJanuaryChallenge – Gifted

Do: Leave a present for a stranger. Maybe you can leave a kind note on the train, a handmade present on your journey or an old book in a cafe?
Think: How much thought do you think went into the gift? How does this differ to when you get a gift for someone you know?
Share: Share with us! You could take a picture of your gift and where you left it or just tell us the story. You can post it, just make sure you tag us @64millionartists or use the hashtags #TheJanuaryChallenge and #64MillionArtists so we can see your response! You can also send It to us privately on messages.
If you have more time: Pick a gift that really sums you up. Maybe it’s a poem to show your love of writing, or a sketch to show your love of drawing. It could be something you’ve made or feel happy to give away.