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Day 22 of #TheJanuaryChallenge – i-Spy

Do: Today is all about capturing images. We want you to pick a theme e.g. the colour purple, the letter B or even things that make you happy. Then we want you to capture images that relate to your theme. You can do this on a walk, at work, or even at home with all the things around you.

Think: How did you pick your theme? Did you go for a simple theme so the photos were easy to capture, or a more challenging one?
Share: Share your images with us- You can post it, just make sure you tag us @64millionartists or use the hashtags #TheJanuaryChallenge and #64MillionArtists so we can see your response! You can also send It to us privately on messages.
If you have more time: Pick a different theme, this time take 5 images in 5 minutes.