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The Weekly Challenge, 25th November 2019 – Story of a Gift (and a special offer for Challengers!)

** Full challenge here: https://dothinkshare.com/the-weekly-challenge/the-weekly-challenge-25th-november-2019-story-of-a-gift/ **

This week’s challenge is set by artist Amy Lord, whose project ‘The Story of You and Me’ (https://www.amy-lord.com) invites people to record the stories that are important to them, by making a book entirely unique to them** (check the details below for an exciting special offer!). Amy’s challenge is inspired by the stories behind the gifts you’ve given, the gifts you’ve received and the gifts you are yet to give.

What is the most memorable gift you remember receiving or giving? What is the story behind that gift? It could be from one year ago, or ten years ago – perhaps a piece of jewellery passed down, or a special book for an anniversary? Perhaps it’s an experience you weren’t expecting, time spent with loved ones, or the gift that has kept on giving? What does that gift mean to you?

Get creative with your story. You might want to share a video, record your voice talking over some photos, draw a sketch of the gift, write a poem, a collage…the invitation is open! Share online using #TheStoryOfAGift #TheStoryOfYouAndMe.

**Special offer!

Amy’s project ‘The Story of You and Me’ is a chance to create a book that is unique to you and your stories. To help you get started with your book, she is kindly taking 50% off a toolkit for the first 5 people to get in touch.
Email us at hello@64millionartists.com to request your discount. Thank you Amy!

Have fun, get creative, and tag a friend to join you!

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