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The Weekly Challenge, 11th November 2019 – Starter for 10

**Full Challenge: https://dothinkshare.com/…/the-weekly-challenge-11th-novemb…/ **

Every day is full of things. Big things, small things, and all of the things in between. There are things we forget to do, things we would love to do, things we have to do and things we can’t wait to do. This week’s Challenge is set by Louise, who runs Manico PR. Louise’s job is to share all of the great things that the people she works with are doing. And now, it’s over to you…

List 10 good things around you, about you, or that you find throughout your day. It could be anything from a plant, to a colleague, to your sense of humour, to a phone call.
Celebrate your list by getting creative! You could take 10 photographs that captures each ‘thing’, and create a collage. You could write a poem or short story that includes all 10 ideas. You could doodle around your list. It’s over to you, Challengers – anything goes.

Have fun, and get creative!
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