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Tuesday 24th September is the first ever National Day of Arts in Care Homes. Follow the creative activity of care homes, artists, arts organisations, museums, galleries, relatives and volunteers across England, and find all sorts of toolkits and fun resources at the Arts in Care Homes website (find via the link below). Arts in Care Homes believe that promoting creative activity enhances the health, wellbeing and happiness for residents and staff, and challenge you this week to think about what you think makes a house into a happy home.

Use the house outline of the Arts in Care Homes logo below to inspire some visual art. Sketch it, copy it or print it – then get creative! You could fill it with doodles, characters, writing and colour, or make patterns by repeating the shape and playing about with scale. You could do a row of houses, or turn the shape into something else – rotate it, invert it, multiply it…the choice is yours.

Find the full challenge here: https://dothinkshare.com/the-weekly-challenge/the-weekly-challenge-23rd-september-2019-a-happy-home/

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Have fun! Let’s get creative.