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The Weekly Challenge, 29th July 2019 – Art Time Machine

“The idea of story writing for the sake of it is increasingly considered the preserve of children. That’s not what hobbies should be about – they should be about leisure and love.” Yomi Adegoke.

This week’s challenge is set by Yomi Adegoke. Yomi is the women’s columnist at The Guardian. She was previously Senior Writer at The Pool and a producer for Channel 4 News, and has written for Vogue, Elle, The Independent and others. In 2018 she was listed as one of the most influential people in London by the Evening Standard and was awarded Journalist of the Year by the Woman In Africa awards. She is co-author of bestselling book, Slay In Your Lane: The Black Girl Bible. Pens at the ready! Yomi challenges you to:

“Doodle your favourite cartoon character from childhood: once copying, and then from memory. As children we were all artists of differing levels – scribbling stick men and doodling Dragonball Z characters on tabletops. Almost everyone I knew could do the superman ’S’ or draw Marge Simpson vaguely from memory. As we got older, the so-called ‘mediocre’ artists eventually were encouraged to stop and only the ‘creatives’ were left doing things many of us enjoyed. But we’re all in some way creative, and what better way to be reminded of that than by taking it all the way back to when we were all allowed to be.

Take 10 minutes to doodle that cartoon character you always drew on the back of textbooks when you were a child. Once you’ve had a go by copying, try it again from memory for old time’s sake.”

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