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The Weekly Challenge, 8th April 2019 – Seen My Zine?
Calling all the Do It Yourself-ers out there, this week’s Challenge is set by artist Steve Chapman (https://www.somethingsidid.com/ – Welcome back, Steve!), who invites you to warm up your cutting, sticking, making, writing and thinking muscles…we are creating!

This is a challenge to create an 8 page Zine to tell a story, explain a concept, or reflect on something. It can be anything you want. A Zine is a mini DIY magazine, that is easily self published and circulated. It is inspired by the idea that if you’re not seeing, reading and hearing the media you want around you, make it yourself! There is also a chance to win one of 5 of Steve’s new ‘Stiff Upper Lip’ stickers (see below!) for sharing your work using #64MillionArtists #SeenMyZine

See below for instructions on making your Zine – You may want to tell the story of your day. Tell the story of your life. Make up a story. Explore a concept. Teach somebody something. Make a stand for something that’s important to you. Here are some fabulous examples from Steve: https://www.somethingsidid.com/zines

Some top tips from Steve:
-Less is more.
-Keep it simple.
-Aim for no more than 1 sentence per page.
-Assume that the reader has a maximum of 1 minute in which to read it.
-Play with colours, styles, materials
Find the full Challenge here: https://dothinkshare.com/blog/the-weekly-challenge-8th-april-2019-seen-my-zine/

And find Steve on Twitter and Instagram using @stevexoh
Have fun!