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The Weekly Challenge – 18th February 2019 – Cocktail Creator!
This week’s creative challenge is set by Ray from Simply Create. Ray is a creative content developer and founder of #SimplyCreate, a company specialising in creating and sharing stories through ideas and innovation workshops. We are halfway through February and Spring is knocking at the door – let’s celebrate! This week, Ray challenges you to quench your creative thirst and lure out your inner mixologist…
Invent your own Cocktail or Mocktail! What flavours do you choose? As well as the taste, think about the whole experience, what would it look and smell like? What would you name it? Get creative! You could put whenever you like in there – a sprinkle of magic? A sprig of good luck? Draw, describe, write the recipe or…make! Over to you, Challengers!
If you have more time … What does your week taste like? Add a different flavour or ingredient to your drink for each day of this week. The flavour could represent your mood, feelings, experiences, or simply represent what you fancy on each day!
We would love to see your ideas! Share with Simply Create and the 64 Million Artists team using #CocktailCreator and #64MillionArtists

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