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The Weekly Challenge, Rice is Nice!

This week’s challenge is from Ruth Hall, a regular 64 Million Artists’ Challenger, and a teacher from the northeast of England. Ruth is a mother, she’s passionate about human rights, mental health and creativity!

From the 13th-19th September, Ruth is taking part in the ‘Ration Challenge’ fundraiser from Concern Worldwide. For one week, she’ll eat the same rations as a Syrian refugee living in a camp in Jordan, and raise money to make a practical difference to the lives of those living in the camps. The Challenge also offers a small chance to see things from someone else’s perspective and help deepen people’s understanding of this global issue. If you would like to support Ruth you can donate to her fundraiser here.

Rice is nice! The bulk of the ration pack will be rice – and Ruth invites you to get creative with rice, and whilst you do – to learn more about and reflect on this fundraising initiative. Could you make a new dish with rice? A musical instrument? A picture? A sensory toy? You could write an acrostic poem using the letters RICE, LONG GRAIN or BASMATI…? Paint with rice water? Anything goes!