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The Weekly Challenge, 24th August 2020 – A Stitch in Time

Full challenge: https://mailchi.mp/64millionartists.com/the-weekly-challenge-24th-august-2020

The saying “A stitch in time saves nine” is the inspiration behind this week’s challenge from Envisage Arts CIC, an art therapy service based in West Yorkshire. The saying suggests that working to solve a problem early on prevents bigger problems later on. What does that saying make you think about? Do you think problem solving is an act of creativity?

Envisage Arts are collecting responses to this challenge to form a community quilt that captures the stories of lockdown – and the creative ways in which we’ve worked our way through problems along the way…

What is a problem, issue or worry you have overcome throughout lockdown? Use this challenge to capture the ways you dealt with your problem, and reflect on how you used your creativity to help you. It could be something small, something big (or anything in between) – there is no right or wrong answer! You could use this challenge to give time to a problem you are still working through, reflect on the situation and see where some creative time takes you.
Capture your story in a square. You could use any medium or material – you could sketch, write, annotate, sew, make…whatever helps you to express yourself. Your image doesn’t have to make sense to anybody else!

Find a template (if you’d like to use it) in the full challenge above.

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